Call for Demonstration: 28.01. Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

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We, the occupants of the Institute of Social Sciences, as well as urban initiatives and sympathetic citizens of Berlin, ask you to join our demonstration! We will meet at 1pm on the 28th of January at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz!

We protest against the decision of the Humboldt Universityâ€:tm:s head administration to dismiss the critical academic, activist and lecturer Andrej Holm. This decision was an affront to the critical research conducted by Holm, the policies and ideals that he stands for and the collective will of the students of Humboldt University. Our occupation protests against the university and its undemocratic decision-making structures and consequently stands for more participation.

The dismissal of Holm as State Secretary for Housing is directed against housing politics that are based on the values of community and solidarity, which Berlin is in urgent need of. Through this act, the Senate is blocking progressive tenancy- and housing-policies, which would be in the interests of all inhabitants of Berlin. We hold responsible for this: the ruling mayor Müller and the SPD, whose members were the first to demand the resignation of Andrej Holm within the government coalition.

Berlin needs a completely different set of urban policies, supportive of tenants rather than investors. Berlin needs critical academics and democratic, student-inclusive decision-making structures.

To everyone who stands in solidarity with our protest, who stands up for tenant-friendly housing policies and who has been affected by the current housing situation or the austerity policies at universities: come join us!

On the 28th of January, we as university students, school students, workers and unemployed, as well as academics and representatives from tenant organizations, urban initiatives and other organizations we will take our protest to the street!

See you on Saturday!

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